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Inauguration St. Andrews cross, part 1 Inauguration St. Andrews cross, part 1
Finaly it really happens that we finished the structural work. So we could start the interior. We just finished the St.Andrew Cross we wanted to try it out! In actual fact I wanted to do that without any aids, but later I decided to use paddel and clips as adition. At that time I had one real bondsman as well as a bondsman for trialtime. So I decided to take the trial bondsman first, who even had to learn my real salutation. My bondsman James had to blow him. Meanwhile Mylady treated the trial-bondsman by biting, and anal. After changing the position James delighted Mylady with his tongue. During that time Mylady used to tease the cock of the trial slave including clipping. Then this triole ended at this clip. You may look at the continuation by the following parts 2-4.

Inauguration St. A...
Lady_J (36)


Punishmant for your step mom because of DUI Punishmant for your step mom because of DUI
Scene 2. Your my step mom and you come home from court. You`re wearing a blouse and shoes, you tell me you got a DUI. Instead of going to jail you are sentenced to go bottomless for 2 weeks. You say you surrendered all of your bottoms to the court. If you go outside you have to be bottomless with your naked ass and pussy on display. But your feet and tits have to be covered. You say even if you go outside you have to be bottomless because it`s your punishment. You say that if you wear any top that is to long that it could be considered a dress and you will have to go to a male prison bottomless. You take off the shoes and put on some socks (pulled up) and different shoes. You tell me that you have to be bottomless when we go on vacation. Then you decide to model different tops for me to make sure they look alright with your bare butt on display.

Punishmant for you...
KateBB (28)


Underscirt pussy and asshole spying while housecleaning Underscirt pussy and asshole spying while housecleaning
Oopss my scirt is so short so you can see my asshole and pussy! Thanks God i am at home and noone can see me, but i dont knew that here is a spycam on my kitchen

Underscirt pussy a...
MishellGoldy (28)


Anal Slave Pleases Master with Massive Gape Anal Slave Pleases Master with Massive Gape
This is the third part of the Anal for Rent (this video falls after submissive anal slut, it is more intense and I am more submissive) In this video, I am your anal slave and am completely submissive to you. I start off by welcoming you home and showing you how I`ve been plugged all day waiting for you to arrive, ass in the air. I blow up the inflatable butt plug and gape for you... but its not enough. I`m so upset, I beg you to let me try more. I try again and have an even larger gape. This pleases you, but nowhere near enough. At the verge of tears, I ask if I can fuck myself in the ass so that I can open up bigger for you. After, I try one more time to open up all the way for you and gape with the inflatable butt plug. This pleases you, but you`re not done with me. I am your slave after all, right

Anal Slave Pleases...
MissEllie (22)


Outdoor: Bats in the quarry Outdoor: Bats in the quarry
Today Aiyana, master Kai and Lady Jasmin went for a trip to a quarry dressed with black varnish clothes. I put Aiyana at a rockface to punish her - first with bare hands and then with a special whip as well as some different paddels. At the end Kai ordered Aiyana to him giving a lesson with a bullwhip where you may study the facial play of the tortured Aiyana slave.

Outdoor: Bats in t...
Lady_J (36)


Electric Play Electric Play
Playing with my new TENS attachment! One of my favorite things is electric play. The feel of the shocks inside of you is amazing. Id say its even better than using a vibrator. Watch as I moan with each shocking orgasm.

Electric Play
knottygirl (30)

Domina kiss - spitting Domina kiss - spitting
Open your mouth and receive my Domina kiss!!!

Domina kiss - spit...
Lady-Ambrosya (54)

At the spanking bench 2 At the spanking bench 2
After the beating orgy of part 1 I started with an anal treatment with an anal plug, and after that treatment with a special nerves teasing instrument which is like a wheel, irritatating the nerves from titilate till pane depending of the pressure onto the skin. After that I used the whip again. The Clip ends that he got lashing with 30 strokes and he had to count every blow loud and clear.

At the spanking be...
Lady_J (36)

At the spanking bench 1 At the spanking bench 1
My slave is at the spanking bench and this time he will get quite a lot for punishment. He does not get beating by hand only, but also with some different paddels and some whips. This time it is a real orgy of beating!

At the spanking be...
Lady_J (36)

For stopping stiffness the cock I could start to set the needles beginning at the scrotum, there along till the cock. Oh dear, the cock is becoming stiff again! But this does not disturb me any longer! Later I put all needles out again, clean the genitals, and then I put the ropes off to start a new BDSM action for some more hours.

Lady_J (36)

For the next action I do need a limp cock. So I tease him with my whip, I bite into his balls, etc. He procuses some glibbery stuff but still he is stiff. Whatever I do, he still stands to show I am the man! Even using clamps and needels he persists to be stiff. Therefore there is only one possibility left, to force fleecing his sperm which is shown here very detailed.

Lady_J (36)

Bruised ass Bruised ass
My bruised ass from spanking and caning. I love it :)

Bruised ass
CrisEroticakes (31)

Academy_clinic_preparation for urethra dilation Academy_clinic_preparation for urethra dilation
Doing urethra dilation you have to act extremly clean and aseptic. Therefore here the special preparation on my video. How the urethra dilation realy functions you may see it at my video called urethra dilation!

Lady_J (36)

Tease.. Tease..
Flashes....Beg for more....

YourShadow (21)

Thrashing and love Thrashing and love
The slave gets acquaintance with different kinds of flagelation coined with some bites. First the arms of the slave will be fastend at the St. Andrew`s cross. His back looking to me. His ass gets many beats by my hand as well as by whips, paddels, etc but still not with my bull-whip instead of that he gets his back fondled by one of my paddles. After that I unlock him from St. Andrew`s cross so he returned and I fasted him again so that we were front to front. Now cock and balls also gets acquaintance with my hand, and the whip. On my opinion I think it is very precise to watch me getting so real kinky!!!

Thrashing and love
Lady_J (36)


After bounding cock and balls I started with a slap onto his ass. First I used then much special cream that makes his backdoor smooth. My first trial was to penetrate him with both hands to find out whether the slave has trained enough to bear it. Unfortunately it did not work accurately, so the slave has to train much more in future! But with one hand it functioned fantasticly. I turned my hand inside of his intestine giving a slight massage inside his colon wall - long and extensive. The result: The juices of his intestine droped down. You may observe everything accurately, and surely you will realize how sensitive you should act by fisting. It is wonderful to observe the sphincter opens and closes automaticly even quite much later than I had my hand into the ass of the slave. My opinion is that this is my best video about fisting with much sensitive feeling.

Lady_J (36)

Needles into the breast of a restive slave Needles into the breast of a restive slave
My slave has somehow a little problem with my sweet little needles ..... He twists and turns like a little worm, but there is no pardon .... Enjoy the movie!

Needles into the b...
Lady_J (36)


Unfortunately, I have to put out the needles again – sniff Unfortunately, I have to put out the needles again – sniff
After I took so many needles into beat and scrotum I have to remove these, unfortunately. - But that can be a pleasure, too ....

Unfortunately, I h...
Lady_J (36)

I need very to be punished somtimes I need very to be punished somtimes
Yes, I need to be punished somtimes because somtimes I am a bad gilr and do all wrong. After I feel much better :) Also you see my pissing here.

I need very to be ...
Jenny18xxx (19)


Spanking my Ass Bare Handed Submissive Spanking my Ass Bare Handed Submissive
Mmm I love the feel of a bare hand, paddle, or anything really aginst my ass. ;)

Spanking my Ass Ba...
knottygirl (30)

Rope & Saran Wrap Bondage Rope & Saran Wrap Bondage
This gallery contains media from the categories BDSM, Chubby, Amateur, Bondage, S&M.

Rope & Saran Wrap ...
knottygirl (30)


Spanking my ass Spanking my ass
This gallery contains media from the categories BDSM, Amateur, Spanking, Bears, S&M.

Spanking my ass
knottygirl (30)


Nipple Play with Nipple Clamps and Clothespins Nipple Play with Nipple Clamps and Clothespins
This gallery contains media from the categories BDSM, Busty, Big Breasts, Chubby, S&M.

Nipple Play with N...
knottygirl (30)


Ice Sensation Play Ice Sensation Play
You make me so hot. I need to cool off. I rub ice all over my naked body. I shove some ice cube into my vagina and shoot them out. It`s so cold and so fun at the same time.

Ice Sensation Play
knottygirl (30)

Punishment: 10 Strokes with my paddle Punishment: 10 Strokes with my paddle
Because of his audacity my slave has to get a punishment, and I promised to him getting 10 strokes. Look and see his punishment: 9 strikes onto his butt and the tenth then....

Punishment: 10 Str...
Lady_J (36)

Slavedog Bimbo gets the penis pump Slavedog Bimbo gets the penis pump
Lady_J just returned from going for walkies with Bimbo, her slavedog, she brought him to her lounger. and he has to climb up to it. He got the advice to crawl closer to the camera. Lady-J installed the penis pump and startet it. Listen how he is moaning!!!

Slavedog Bimbo get...
Lady_J (36)


Trailer - Punishment Trailer - Punishment
This permanently jerk-horny slave so simply does not get away to me today! He will experience the announced punishment for his chat sessions with other mistresses which he has over and over again and without my permission, see today! And itself wish he me rather faithfully devotedly would have remained! This cock horny,wank piece of dirt! I will spit at this Tail-cool, polishing mud piece and with the glow of my cigarette he will already learn manners and loyalty between me! The video has English subtitles.

Trailer - Punishme...
EhmysGames (48)

playing with daddy playing with daddy
daddy likes my perky little boobs and grabbing my thighs so hard it bruises me. I love it. come see!

playing with daddy
shakira19 (33)


Trailer - Golden shower horny Trailer - Golden shower horny
The horny scamp agrees from my golden juice not enough and puts to me his greedy tongue now still quickly deeply in my bottom hole purely...!

Trailer - Golden s...
EhmysGames (48)


Fisting Fisting
The legs are in foot chains and are fastened far spread, he is delivered to me so completely! The fittings are held with clips under constant tension. And of course I have bound his pendant firmly from. Now I can prepare his cool hole, slowly with an Anal-Plug and a Dildo, for my fist. Over and over again spanke I his bottom cheeks and fuck steady and deep his wet Anally Fuck hole, until he begs greedily after my fist, around more..

EhmysGames (48)

Naught Photos Naught Photos
This gallery contains media from the categories Bra, Brunette, Big Breasts, High Heels, S&M.

Naught Photos
xxxany1uwant (23)


Trailer - one more Fisting Trailer - one more Fisting
So a horny piece! He wants from me, with more and more and even larger toys, get stuffed his horny fuck hole!

Trailer - one more...
EhmysGames (48)

i`m such a masochist i`m such a masochist
binding my tits and shoving needles in them hurt so much but it made me so wet

i`m such a masochi...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

Me beating my bound tits Me beating my bound tits
I`m such a little pain slut. I get off on being abused.

Me beating my boun...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

cumming on my big double ended dildo cumming on my big double ended dildo
my tits bound cumming on my big double dildo, I love this toy and sometimes I bend it in half and get both end in my pussy but I will upload those later :)

cumming on my big ...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

Daddy spanking my ass Daddy spanking my ass
I love when daddy spanks my ass - just a quick, short video of daddy making my ass all red

Daddy spanking my ...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

collared and plugged collared and plugged
daddy getting ready to use me good

collared and plugg...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

Being daddys good little sub Being daddys good little sub
I love wearing my collar and making daddy happy like a good little girl should

Being daddys good ...
daddysfuckslut (32/43)

My bound tits My bound tits
I`m such a little pain slut! I get off so much easier when I am being abused and fucked at the same time

My bound tits
daddysfuckslut (32/43)


He is whipping her ass He is whipping her ass
He is whipping her ass (JJ000125)

He is whipping her...
JJ-Erotic (45/55)


He is whipping her He is whipping her
He is whipping her (JJ000092)

He is whipping her
JJ-Erotic (45/55)

Black Lingrie Black Lingrie
me trying to be sexy

Black Lingrie
skittlez1988 (30)

Vintage photo shoot Vintage photo shoot
This gallery contains media from the categories Butt, Black hair, Uniform, Fetish, S&M.

Vintage photo shoot
Latexperversion (34)


puplic fisting puplic fisting
it was on a party and all people can look and me

puplic fisting
mel-miley (39)

tied up and fucked! tied up and fucked!
This a great video that includes tied up bongage, rough sex and post orgasm torture! We know this will make you out of your mind horny! Enjoy!

tied up and fucked!
Wendyanddavethom (30/32)

BDSM sampler BDSM sampler
A few pictures of myself in bondage, nipple clamps, and the aftermath of a very brutal spanking.

BDSM sampler
GodivaCherry (30)

sucking my dildo for you .. sucking my dildo for you ..
pictures of my big breasts, me licking my dildo, sticking it between my big breasts, and sucking on it just for you.

sucking my dildo f...
Firefly_69 (27)

Dirty Librarian Submissive Dirty Librarian Submissive
Hello Master, your dirty librarian sub is here to serve you. Can we masturbate together? I want to cum for You.

Dirty Librarian Su...
SinfulSummer (40)

naughty in bed naughty in bed
pinching my nipples and touching myself in my bed.

naughty in bed
Firefly_69 (27)


Anal Games Anal Games
When I play my partner then happy times to my horny , impaired fuck bitch and I`ll take him then really hard. But this little dirt - piece can not get enough yes mostly. What are then already an inflatable anal plug and a huge double-dildo for him? Of course, only the prelude because it is very durable and keeps me his ass - cunt again demanding contrary! Are you also so and can not get enough anal? What shall I do with him so that he is finally satisfied times? So that you can understand what is spoken, there is the video with English subtitles!

Anal Games
EhmysGames (48)

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